Saturday, 17 October 2009

Are you really prepare for this? just an introduction

IS THIS FASHION? What is it then? Are you really prepare for this? are you ready to actually take everything you know, you heard, you watched about fashion, shake it it and smash it on the wall, because that what I am going to do with everything you know, everything you heard and everything you watched about fashion. This is not what you think it is, is much more, so seat tight and hear me well, because you are now in a rollercoaster.
I am not here to invent nothing, as energy, I am here to transform it (law of conservation of energy).
Fashion is as old as prostitution, as bitch as the worst whore and loves money "pretty woman". So, the beginning of a new era is here and you are sitting in the front row.

Thank you and welcome. Enjoy the ride.