Saturday, 3 July 2010


I just see blogs full of emptiness,
blogs sold to magazines,
to cosmetics,
to fashion houses,
to other bloggers
to celebrities
to themselves
Most blogs I really care for have just pictures,
or just words,
in general,
just thoughts,
just heart,
just love
this good blogs I follow
remind me why,
even if I could be boring for some people,
or not so easy to read or understand as I wish I could
I am right, in my approach to fashion (in general not in particular)
I work for fashion, for real fashion, for the fashion where buying the right stuff makes the different between gaining money and survive,
or losing money and see yourself in the street
that is one of the most scary things you can experience
but also one of the most exciting and rewarding.
when I see I am being fooled by people with no real talent or good heart,
I get very frustrated.

I want to believe my work is approachable to any person interested in beauty, as me.
I want to believe not anyone can do what I do,
anyone, can enjoy my work and participate to make it different.

A very special person recommend me to do a post about
Barcelona, the city
and then another about "the brandery", the fashion trade show.

As you already know, I love stories
I love to invent fictional or not so fictional stories with my pictures
to explain things in a different way
So welcome to:


The metro, the subway, the tube,
everyone on that train looks at you
like trying to figure out where you are going,
is he on vacation?
is he on a business trip?

And finally, you are ready to get in the plane,

you start to check out the people you are going to share a tiny space with
big guys, small guys, children, an interesting lady,
is she looking at me?
am I looking at her?
can't tell, really
but I keep crossing looks
when I am about to get in a plane this film, always come to my mind:

There are things you wonder if they are possible
or just the result of a creative mind (or sick mind)
watch the film, you will see what I mean.

Now you see the small box with winds you are about to get in
Is that a small hole in the back?
Is that a broken part in the fuselage?
who was crazy enough to invent this human bird?
we don´t think about it that much,
you just want to get in and sit down
you hate queueing
(most people do)
And there you are,
in front of you
too close to miss it
two important phrases (they say)

Of course, how can I forget in case of a plane crush my "life vest is under the seat"?
so helpful, the survivors in LOST used it, to fish?
If we have a LOST experience,
who would I be?
the afraid type?
the hero type?
I fast turn to read the other phrase

yes, that's going to help me too
(more LOST images pass my mind)

you feel better when you see the plane made it to the sky
and the wing is not falling off

After an hour trying to get out the plane and the airport,
you manage to get a bust to the city
all you want is a room,
a shower
and a cold drink

When you get to the hotel,
you face reality again
they tell you the agency didn't do the reservation
yes, don't use "Atrapalo"
and the result is:

no fridge (no cold drink)
no shower (in your room)
and no way for you to protest
is Sunday (in Spain)

Well, after an hour discussion you get to the bedroom
yes, a room with a bed,
that's it,
now you know why they are called after that.

Anyway, is sunny outside and is
camera time!!!


Give me a B

Give me an A!

Give me an R

Give me a... C

Give me a....
Give me all!!!!


I like to wonder around and inside cathedrals
If you have studied about medieval times
or you did read
The Pillars of the Earth
by Ken Follett
you will know most things about that time happen inside a cathedral or around it
I like to touch their walls, feel the cold, see the ornaments

Love these colours

A combination between man and goat? horse?

The other thing I find amazing is when you wonder around a city
with no map
and you find
amazing hidden places,
plazas, inside patios,
beautiful fa├žades
terraces with a special light

This kind of patter is common in the city of Segovia

Modern art in the streets

A lost street?

A lost plaza

The inside patio of the catalan's trippers centre (dunno why they have it)

An small art gallery with a guardian dog, :)

Bikes, and more bikes,
this is a common photo in Barcelona,
people use bikes a lot

I like anything on wood
so natural
so real

More nice and warm wood

Street art, of course

Empty streets or places with something special you can´t describe with words

Industrial beauty

And I couldn't do a post forgetting about the people
the people of this city
their visitors
their older
their children

The fire fighters,
very important people

A very special dog

2 or 3 generations

Let children be children

The funny couple
More than one hour of fun
thanks girls

And sometimes,
the loneliness of being old

Old rockers never die
they just go live to Barcelona

The youngsters and their crazy instruments

The old crew with their crazy games

"please, don't get mad"
Such an important phrase when you play among old friends

and of course,

Better here?

well, this is the picture I choose to say good bye
I just
like it. :)

Thanks for being with me through this life trip