Tuesday, 23 March 2010

When the sun goes down “a short story”

All started with a few drinks, as usual, as always,
Alcohol, Oh alcohol,
a few drinks I said?,
well, I don’t know the exact number,
who counts?

What did I drink? It was beer? I don’t like beer.. mm??

Fuck (I don't curse)

it was that last one drink, is always the last drink, all people know that….

F**** it was the last one, I knew it.

The black bird told me

"don't drink that one"…

I should have listen to him.. he was right.

And then all started,

I remember the song,

Joy Division… what it was?...DISORDER,

that’s it, I still got it in my head,

“It's getting faster, moving faster now, it's getting out of hand”

I could repeat those words over and over.

Now, I start to remember
The guy with the tattoos..
who was that guy? I've seen him before, I am sure..
he ask me for a smoke… I gave him one…
but I don’t fucking smoke (and curse)…
but I had the smokes..
I don’t remember smoking..

and he told me:

or something like that,
and then
I found my mistake

She asked me for a cigarette too,

then she blew all the smoke in my face,


then she kissed my friend

I laugh even harder,



So…… no girl……. Now is when you get that feeling… yes, you know… the feeling of…

if I am not the one getting the girl

I am the one starting the fight,

coz.. after all, we love to be the centre of attention…

and before you know it,

you think you are some kind of “karate kid”

now I remember my mom saying

"you shouldn't watch so much tv"


where is f***ing “MYGAGI” when you need him,

F*** that guy is big,

how was this “fight” thing about?? O yes…

and now my mom comes again to my mind

"aren't you old enough to play video games"

And here we go

It looks as like you found the wrong guy

and now where before was a short guy with glasses...

20 guys are now happy to find a guy to fight with, YOU

me?? not really... I don't want to fight, I am very pacific.., really

This isn’t working…

cmon guys, my best friend is kissing the girl I suppose to be kissing...

I just... I just...

I just have one way out, “marica el último”,

“run FORREST, run”

And then,

The night is over,

The headache comes,

the smell to tobacco (but I don’t smoke)

The coughing..f*** that hurts

The heavy tongue

I am getting old for this shit

Remember, all started with a few drinks, as usual, as always..

Thursday, 18 March 2010


*/trend/ n [C]

A general development or change in a situation or in the way that people are behaving.

A new development in clothing, make-up, etc.

*(from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

So, it was time for the second post about trends, now that I have the time, and what do we have this time?

The Equestrian look.

Equestrian style was in 2008 the new thing to wear, and designers as Carolina Herrera had it in their runways.

Carolina Herrera gets equestrian-inspired (2008)

Now, in 2010, it looks like its back again, and everyone is in a hurry to include this kind of looks in their collections even magazines are including photo shootings and even giving first page to this.

1.A. I want to start with the decoration, a few suggestions by me and the professional interior designer Paloma Contreras for our houses.

2.A. And now, lets go to clothing, here some different looks

Brown tweed jacket with horse brooch, matching cut off trousers, both Urban by Pink Soda. Brown poloneck, Coast, Brown high boots with tassles, Pura Lopez

Blue jacket, Boden. White shirt, Burberry, Brown cable knit tank top, MolohWhite skinny Jeans, J Brand 0 Brown and white boots,Farlows.

White shirt, Chin Choi Green waist high trousers, Farlows. Green boots, Pied a Terre. Black riding hat, from a selection at Swaine Adeney Brigg,

I could not forget the Shawl and Scarves from Hermes

And, of course, menswear, because after all, that’s what I wear.

So, we go to the real classics, and we can dress by Hackett and his Horse & Hound collection. Elegant and classic.

Even if I think that shirt should be plain

And the best material (that’s what you paid for)

I hope you like it

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Am I crazy?? or this could be fun??

I am starting a new phase in my life (sounds like some kind of crisis, but is not!) and I feel ready to do my first non professional photo shooting, (wueeee), and I convinced a friend of mine to do one, but I also had an idea

Estoy empezando una nueva fase en mi carrera profesional y siento que estoy preparado (mentalmente) para mi primera sesión de fotos (no profesional), asi que he convencido a una amiga (ella todabia no lo sabe para hacerlo, pero, he tenido la siguiente idea.

I ask now, here:

Who would like to be my muse for one day?,(model sounded even worst)

I don’t know how many people is going to sign for this, and I suppose people would like to see the result of first one before deciding, but I think is going to be fun and I am not a professional as I said, but you know a bit of my work with the camera, so, if you are interested :) :

2. Requirements:

- Be a non professional model.

- Be a blogger (if possible).

- Be willing to have fun

You can decide what to wear and I will be to your service regarding suggestions on what to wear.

Así que pregunto, aquí y ahora,

Quien quiere ser mi musa por un día (lo de modelo creo que sonaba aun peor)

No se cuantas personas se apuntaran a esto, no soy profesional en la materia y lo hago para divertirme. No soy ningún profesional con la cámara y a partir de las fotos que he hecho pues tendréis una pequeña idea de cómo son las fotos que hago, así que si os apetece.


-No ser modelo profesional

-Ser blogger (preferiblemente)

-Estar dispuesta a divertirse mucho.

Podéis decidir vosotras que poneros, aunque yo estaré encantado de dar mi opinión personal sobre eso. :)

This is the first time I do this, so….. if it goes well, and we all have fun doing it, and people like it, I will do it outside Madrid also, for those who live some other place (Zaragoza, Valladolid, Barcelona, etc, etc..) and want to do this too in their hometown, I will also go there and spend a day doing pictures in their town!

Esta es la primera vez que hago esto, así que si realmente gusta, funciona, y me divierto y se divierten todos haciéndolo, estaré dispuesto a ir a otras ciudades a hacerlo también con gente de fuera de Madrid y en el futuro, con ropa de alguna tienda de Madrid.

El fotógrafo, :)
The photographer, :)

BTW: I am not as crazy as I sound (promise)