Tuesday, 23 March 2010

When the sun goes down “a short story”

All started with a few drinks, as usual, as always,
Alcohol, Oh alcohol,
a few drinks I said?,
well, I don’t know the exact number,
who counts?

What did I drink? It was beer? I don’t like beer.. mm??

Fuck (I don't curse)

it was that last one drink, is always the last drink, all people know that….

F**** it was the last one, I knew it.

The black bird told me

"don't drink that one"…

I should have listen to him.. he was right.

And then all started,

I remember the song,

Joy Division… what it was?...DISORDER,

that’s it, I still got it in my head,

“It's getting faster, moving faster now, it's getting out of hand”

I could repeat those words over and over.

Now, I start to remember
The guy with the tattoos..
who was that guy? I've seen him before, I am sure..
he ask me for a smoke… I gave him one…
but I don’t fucking smoke (and curse)…
but I had the smokes..
I don’t remember smoking..

and he told me:

or something like that,
and then
I found my mistake

She asked me for a cigarette too,

then she blew all the smoke in my face,


then she kissed my friend

I laugh even harder,



So…… no girl……. Now is when you get that feeling… yes, you know… the feeling of…

if I am not the one getting the girl

I am the one starting the fight,

coz.. after all, we love to be the centre of attention…

and before you know it,

you think you are some kind of “karate kid”

now I remember my mom saying

"you shouldn't watch so much tv"


where is f***ing “MYGAGI” when you need him,

F*** that guy is big,

how was this “fight” thing about?? O yes…

and now my mom comes again to my mind

"aren't you old enough to play video games"

And here we go

It looks as like you found the wrong guy

and now where before was a short guy with glasses...

20 guys are now happy to find a guy to fight with, YOU

me?? not really... I don't want to fight, I am very pacific.., really

This isn’t working…

cmon guys, my best friend is kissing the girl I suppose to be kissing...

I just... I just...

I just have one way out, “marica el último”,

“run FORREST, run”

And then,

The night is over,

The headache comes,

the smell to tobacco (but I don’t smoke)

The coughing..f*** that hurts

The heavy tongue

I am getting old for this shit

Remember, all started with a few drinks, as usual, as always..


Luzhilda said...

eres la bomba

Pequeña Lil said...

Geniales fotos y las letras, inmejorables!;) un besito!

Lia in Strawberry Fields said...

que post, una pasada! :)

Bi. said...

qué blog madre miaa!
unos posts originales, diferentes, inspiradores.

lo vuelvo a leer una y otra vez, observo las fotos, y siempre veo algo diferente.

Mil gracias por los comentarios,
Un beso grande, Chic and Chocolate.

Vinda Sonata said...

what a fun read! you have an outstanding writing skills dear!

Los outfits de Lorena said...

que genial el post y las fotos que has elegido son lo mejor

1 besazo

dory said...

Qué curioso tu post.^^
Por cierto, el día que me decida a salir más "como una señorita", será por tí. xD
Será fácil de reconocer: no me pondré calcetines, y los zapatos estarán limpios!!!;P

.::P-G-de-R::. said...

Lucia: igualmente, un besazo.
Pequeña Lil: muchas gracias, yo opino lo mismo de tus artículos, un besazo
Lia: muchas gracias, como ves yo tampoco me resisto a comentar en tu blog, un besazo
Bi: jejeje, es difícil hacerme tan feliz con tan pocas palabras, muchísimas gracias. Un besazo
Vinda: welcome to my show!,hehehe. thank you for your comment,I dunno if a deserve such a compliment, xx
Lorena: muchísimas gracias, es un lujo tenerte por aquí, un besazo.
Carlota (dory): te prometo que todo lo que he puesto lo he puesto desde la admiración, creo que no te sirve de nada que simplemente alabe tu trabajo (pienso yo), espero que no te haya molestado, un besazo

dory said...

Qué me va a molestar. ;)
(por cierto, soy Dory, Carlota es mi amiga, la diseñadora del blog)
Un placer, de veras.

.::P-G-de-R::. said...

y yo un desastre... jajaja. lo siento..

dory said...

No te disculpes!!jajja
Por cierto, muy chulis las fotos.
Un besazo!

.::P-G-de-R::. said...

jajaja, yo soy asi.. si me equivoco..pues me equivoco..que remedio jajaja..

kbezona said...

Cuanta confusión Dory-Carlota xD

"Constructive feedback", que es lo que falta en el mund blogger, sí señor!!! Ole!

la carlota cabezona de verdad xD

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

tu blog mola!
me gusta!


The Man from Amsterdam said...

Great inspirational pictures. (and text)

M.rolez said...

tu blog es el rollo, me encanta.


dory said...

Qué alegrías de comentarios me dejas...^^
Mil thanks!!:)

.::P-G-de-R::. said...

--dori: un placer, sabes que lo hago encantado, ;P un besazo
--kbezona: no serás tu Carlota por casualidad?? jajajaj. Tienes razón, sobran blobs superficiales que consiguen a veces que los blogs que aportan algo más y algo diferente, tenga mayor repercusión, hay demasiada "cultura basura" por ahí. gracias por escribir, un beso
--Natalie: muchas gracias, ya estoy viendo tu blog y comentando, muchas gracias por tu comentario, un beso.
--The man from Amsterdam: welcome to my blog, you may be one of the few man who read and write (this one for sure) in my blog, so double thanks to you, I will have a deep look in your blog, btw: great pictures too.
--M.rolez: muchas gracias, siempre me pondrá la carne de gallina oír esas palabras sobre lo que hago, gracias, iré viendo tu blog poco a poco, un beso

fadetoblack said...

awesome pictures!!

dory said...

... cualquier persona que te inspire "Hometown Glory" de Adele ha tenido que ser "muy grande".
Conmovedoramente triste, lindamente cariñoso.
Un besazo

Piter said...

Precioso post :)
Un besotee! ;)

Maria Tavares said...

This post is the cutest thing ever! Loved it so much :D

Sue said...

te encontré!!

tienes que postear algunas fotos!!!!

te añado a mis links!!!