Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Year in review, Campaigns

Is not easy to decide what the best of the best in campaigns is, for a whole year of good and hard work in fashion, but is important we look back and see some well done jobs to imagine how good 2010 can be.

Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, new creative directors of the Gianfranco Ferré line surprised me with a beautiful campaign photographed by
Stefano Moro, featuring Philipp Bierbaum and Karolin Wolter.

I could not forget D&G, fall-winter 2009 campaign is a perfect example of what the real essence of this brand is. Photographed by the great professional photographer Mario Testino, the set of people in beautiful rooms or outdoors with lots of colour schemes are easy to enjoy.

And Mario Testino again, this time for Burberry, featuring Burberry Prorsum, Burberry Sport, Burberry Brit and Burberry London. With Emma Watson (Hermione in Harry Potter, and a great work in makeup) and Charlie France, Tom Hughes, Douglas Booth, , Nick Wilson and Tom Guinness.

And last, but not least, Patrizia Pepe’s fall 2009 campaign


Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Well, I had a few days off this Christmas so I went south Spain with my family and had a great time. I also had the opportunity to shot some pictures of the city of Cadiz and the beach.

Now my new project is a big post about interior design, so let me know if you know of any blog or website of interior designing that inspire you and I will take a look to those too, I hope I will have ready the post in a week (is going to be full of beautiful pictures)

-So, yes we went by car. And the "Ruta de la plata", Silver's Road, was the path to follow-

-And we arrived to the "constitutional city" of Cadiz, a city with more of 3000 years old (the oldest city in west Europe)-

-Then, I got ready to take a walk to the beach and do some photos, yes, it was cold...-

-And I got to the beach!-

-And I could not forget about the blog!-

-There were some swallows, and I manage to get close enought to get these 2 shots.-

-And yes, even if it was cold, some people managed to go barefoot.-

-As a proud uncle, I had to put my nephew on the blog too, he looks so good on that outfit it was impossible not to put him here, as you can see, red is the colour of the season. =)-


Thursday, 24 December 2009


Well, I don’t think there is a better way to wish you Merry Christmas than making you laugh, so here are 3 videos of GAP Christmas campaign you will really like.

The Kids version:

The Adults version:

And of course, the Gay version, (not by GAP, just in case):

And here, some of my latest photos.

And we get into the city
through the triumphal arch:

And we salute the flag:

And then, the blue turns black and stars wake up

And angels come out

With golden wings

And even Sponge Bob comes out.

This, this is M-A-D-R-I-D.


Saturday, 12 December 2009


Well, is time to introduce one of my favourite designers (not just because we both are named Paul), SIR PAUL SMITH, a gentleman who knows what he is doing, and do it pretty well, and that’s, is what I am going to show you.
His life:
- Born in Beston, July 5, 1946

- Left school at the age of 15 hoping to become a racing cyclist.

- His father hauled him off to work at a clothing warehouse.

- With no real interest in fashion during his first two years.

- A terrible cycling accident put an end to his cycling ambitions

- Six months in hospital followed

- New friends-new life-new interest on fashion.

- Take evening classes for tailoring and joined Lincroft Kilgour in Savile Row.

- In 1970 with the help of his girlfriend (now wife) Pauline Denyer, an RCA fashion graduate, open his first shop (10 Byard Lane, Nottingham).

- In 1976, showed his first menswear collection in Paris.

- In 1979 first fashion brand to open on Floral Street in London's Covent Garden .

- In 1987 open first shop in New York, 108 Fifth Avenue.

- The international growth of his business began and most famously in Japan, where his British designs have been particularly popular / In 1998 Paul showed his first women's collection at London Fashion Week.

- Smith was knighted in 2000.

- Till today, Sir Paul remains fully involved in the business, designing clothes, choosing fabrics, approving the shop locations and overseeing every development within the company.

So, what is he been up to since 2000 (apart from running a multinational company)?, well, many things, believe me, and what I really like of that work, are, his collaborations with other brands,
for example:

- Following its annual trend in partnerships with Fashion Designers since 2008, with Christian Lacroix and in 2009, with Jean Paul Gaultier , "Evian" ask Paul Smith. if he woul also design a limited edition bottle for them, and this was the result. You can also watch the video of the making off futher down.

- Since May 2008 Paul Smith has written a fashion blog for

- He is right now, collaborating with apple doing some fantastic accesories:

- Video of the "making off" of Evian's bottle:

I couldn't finish this post with some pictures of his Spring-Summer collection:

- Expect more from him in the future--

BTW: if you are or will go to London any time soon, don't forget to visit his Outlet in 23 Avery Row, Mayfair, W1K 4AX, is pretty close to Oxford Street and you will find great deals on many items sorrounded by noble materials as wood and stone, even if you don't buy, the shop deserves a try.



300 hundred visits per week and more coming

Well, it is very soon to start celebrating, its very soon to open the bottle and drink, but, beginnings are not easy, and when you get such a good one, well…, I think a small celebration is in order.

So, what I have done till today and how the future it may be:

  1. We had looked into small fragments of fashion, we have seen a little bit in dressing, clothing, marketing, runways and pictures of people and things in general.
  2. What is coming (or what I hope is coming):

- Interviews: Well, I look forward to start with the personal interviews, yes; people I want to share their work with all of you. So I hope we get at least one interview a month featuring great people that do great work.

- Trends, In and out the street style: there will be different views of what’s going on in the streets, in the runways, in different brands and in magazines. But remember, trends are not to be follow but, to help you to be one step forward.

- Own work: well, I also would like to show some work I am involve with, pictures, music, marketing, etc so I can get some feed back from you.

- More things!


Sunday, 6 December 2009

Say Cheese!

And the camara is here!
And the first pictures too!
There are not pictures of people wearing fancy dresses and beautiful shoes. This time, I wanted to show, colour, nature, shadow and light of todays world.

Wood and blue gin.

Light and shadows 1.0. You almost can feel and smell the wood

Light and shadows 1.2.

Feallin´ Lucky today.

Follow the green path.



Red passion.

And I think is also a good time to recommend some blogs and webs I've been following lately related with fotography from some young up-and-coming talents:

-Luzhilda's blog, 24 years old fashionista from Spain.

- Isabell Andersson blog, 21 years old photographer from Stockholm.

- Caitlin Worthington blog, 19 years old fashionista from Australia.

Hope you like them. More coming


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Alessandra Colombo and the sartorialist (29-Nov)
Well, I DO remember what I said about women with short hair, but have you seen this picture? She looks beautiful, I couldn’t resist.
Yes, this is “The Sartorialist look of the week”, and she is an Italian fashion designer called Alessandra Colombo.

1. The leather jacket: First: Brown!, is in my honest opinion, the best colour for a leather jacket, yes, I know, black is the colour make them famous, is the classic one, and etc, etc, but, brown make them wearable to anyone, I mean, not everyone can where a black leather jacket, it has a preconceived meaning to me, is like wearing a uniform, you don’t usually add nothing to it, it just labelled you as a type of person (feel free to contradict me). Well.. Anyway. And second: The zip. Double zip or two ways zip, very Armani, (you can see it in most of his “collezioni” leather jackets). This type of zip is what “practical” fashion means, because is let you show the belt and is twice better because it has a practical use too, how many times have we seat in a car with our jacket on and we have pushed our jacket up with our legs making it uncomfortable to wear it and awful to see?, well, with this kind of zip, you just unzip it up a little bit and Voila!, problem solved. Yes, I like it.

2. The belt: now that we can see it (thanks to the zip, :D) we see how special it is, double golden buckle, different, giving some shiny contrast to the whole look (plus the bracelet). Great, but, maybe in a darker brown could have stand out a little bit more, but is still fine like this.

3. The trousers: this is the way I like a woman to wear a pair of trousers, in some way is how they womanise them, the way they make them different from a man’s pair of trousers. I don’t think this would look nice in a man, but I love them on women, is just the way the own them.

4. The shoes: another statement piece (remember the trench?), you all should have a pair of this kind of shoes (man and women), so easy to dress them up and down you will want to wear them with anything.

Result: “I am a woman, and I know how to show it”. Beautiful!

- One more to go (See now what I mean about the trousers?):


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Herr Karl, nice to meet you

Karl Lagerfeld is one of those persons you are not sure whether you want to meet him or not. Let me explain, on one side, you think how possible is to be friend with a guy who looks like is always wearing the same clothes and thinks a pony tail looks nice on a man, and, on the other side, you see his work and, after hours and hours looking at his work, (and with a terrible pain in your jaw, open for so long with looking to such an impressive career) you find out the artist, the hard worker, the essence of Chanel since 1983, and yes, you may want to meet him then.
Lagerfeld’s work, is good, well, really good (and helped by his collaborators) he is able to do things like what he did in the last Chanel’s Spring Summer 2010 show in Paris, (video below), where he decided to show the Chanel’s collection in a barn he created, yes, I repeat, a barn, a beautiful barn (btw), but a barn after all, and it look amazing.
He inspired himself (he said) in Marie-Antoinette's hamlet in the grounds of Versailles. This project took 6 weeks to create, one week to assemble with 38 men working full time (see what I mean with his collaborators) and consisted of, 4000 hand painted wooden tiles, 150 metres of field flower garlands, 2 tonnes of clay and 20 cubic metres of hay, (link here to see how it was done).
I downloaded a video with a fragment of the catwalk, one song of Lily Allen’s gig performed live and the end of the show with “Herr Karl” saying goodbye to all his fans (Prince included).
I also included a few pictures of the last “Dom Perignon Oenotheque" campaign, made by Lagerfeld with Claudia Schiffer.


The catwalk:

A few examples:

Dom Perignon” Oenotheque campaign: