Sunday, 6 December 2009

Say Cheese!

And the camara is here!
And the first pictures too!
There are not pictures of people wearing fancy dresses and beautiful shoes. This time, I wanted to show, colour, nature, shadow and light of todays world.

Wood and blue gin.

Light and shadows 1.0. You almost can feel and smell the wood

Light and shadows 1.2.

Feallin´ Lucky today.

Follow the green path.



Red passion.

And I think is also a good time to recommend some blogs and webs I've been following lately related with fotography from some young up-and-coming talents:

-Luzhilda's blog, 24 years old fashionista from Spain.

- Isabell Andersson blog, 21 years old photographer from Stockholm.

- Caitlin Worthington blog, 19 years old fashionista from Australia.

Hope you like them. More coming



Luzhilda said...

lucky strike, bayas venenosas, gin, vaya party!

.:PGdeR:. said...

and candles (a romantic touch is always welcome)

Anonymous said...

wow, are you a professional photographer? these pics are great! congrats!

Anonymous said...

this is only the out for this boy!