Friday, 16 April 2010

FEATURING: Spanish bloggers "part 1"


Spanish bloggers met up

Went crazy



A place: MADRID

An excuse: Nomada Market

A number: 11 bloggers + 1 fashionista

A gender: 11 girls and a boy, ME :)


(Lucia & Eva)

Well, last week, I was invited by Lucia to a bloggers meeting up, and I couldn’t say no

Because I am not stupid (por que yo no soy tonto)

And there I went,

With fear and and my camera as faithful partners

The experience was so fantastic that I couldn’t wait to show them all to you.

I ask them to introduce themselves to you personally answering to the same questions and I review all the blogs picking some of the best shots


you are about to experience tongs of talent in a very short period of time

Use it carefully

(and enjoy and comment)

the order is random, except for the first one coz she invited me, :)


I met Lucia a few weeks before this meeting and this is what I wrote back then:

Lucia is one of those charismatic persons who you hate or like strongly.

Her character is so strong, that is difficult to understand how she is not now leading the biggest fashion company in the world


creating an empire of her own.

Words as “I can’t”, seem to be forgotten in her vocabulary. She fought, she fights and (Lucia) you will keep fighting

I still believe these words are truth and I know that if she is as strong as she’s being till now,

she will go very far.

Now, she will introduce herself




Filósofa Frívola


Madrid, Spain

2 words to describe yourself:

tender, crazy

WHERE can we find you / doing what?:

Mango Outlet/ shopping as if the world was about to disappear

Something you MUST have with you when you leave your house?

rolling paper and filters lol

What would you change of this world (apart from hunger):

what the world needs now is love, sweet love. Too much hate and mistrust everywhere. Makes me sad.

Source of inspiration?

music and Berlin

A designer/ why?

Marni, give me Marni and I'll be happy. I like it because it's made for women like me, intellectual yet feminine.

A book / why?

Tractatus by Wittgenstein. It's the most perfect and beautiful description of the world ever written.

A song / why?

Ballroom Blitz, by The Sweet. It drives me crazy.

A film / why?

Casablanca. It mixes romance, politics and patriotism in such a beautiful way... I always cry when they play La Marseillaise.

A phrase:

I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not (Kurt Cobain)

A wish:

I just want to be happy. That's all :)

2 words to finish:

See ya real soon kids!!

Lucia is among other things, a Freelance stylist, and she does the styling to all her pictures, but also to those she does with other people

you can see her styling in this model

I know there is no much clothes to style in this one..
but the photo was so good....

keep that power on!


the gourgeous Clara,


looking at the title of her blog you could say

she may be egocentric

as many bloggers you will find around

But sorry,

you are mistaken

She is gorgeous (indeed)


I think (and I don’t try to be condescending here),

she is an inspiration to many people,

she is the real example of a model who doesn’t look like a model,

check any runways and see if you can find someone like her anywhere,

you wont,

but wouldn’t be great to have more like her in the runways

they would be much more fun

but she is unique

she knows about fashion,

she shows fashion,

she does fashion



Gorgeous clara







2 words to describe yourself:

difficult and fun

WHERE can we find you / doing what?

I suppose you mean what do I do for a living...I´m an English philology student and an English teacher when I´m behaving as a "responsible" adult...and on my free time I´m a shopaholic and some might say an alcoholic...hahaha

Something you MUST have with you when you leave your house?

I´m not really attached to anything in particular...I would say my keys...but I can do without them...

What would you change of this world (apart from hunger):

world peace...well...anyone would say that...but something a bit more life...I would change many things in my life...

Source of inspiration?

My style icon is Alexa Chung...but I find my daily inspiration in other bloggers...

A designer/ why?

Elie Saab...cause I still believe in love and I would love to wear one of his dresses... cinderella style...

A book / why?

Frankenstein...I can relate to the loneliness the poor monster feels...

A song / why?

pufff....this is difficult...but I think Standby by Extremoduro....I´ve always thought someone would listen to this song and think of me...

A film / why?

up until quite recently it was "Saving Private Ryan" not only because I think it´s a great film but also because I have some really great memories of the moment I watched the film...but now I´ve changed my mind and I have to say my favourite film is "Big Fish"´s a great story...and I would also like to live in a fantasy world sometimes...

A phrase:

Hoping for the best but expecting the worst

A wish:

being happy

2 words to finish:

thank you!

never change your attitude

Look out,

because now comes


I was really looking forward to meet her,

she always transmitted me more in her posts that what you are use to see in

this synthetic thing call internet

she is all heart,

and you can feel the warm coming out her words in each post,

but as much sweet she is

as much good photographer she is,

so good

that even one of her pictures is going to illustrate the single of an Spanish singer,

Not bad eeh?

don’t forget to visit her photography blog too







2 words to describe yourself:

lazy bastard :)

WHERE can we find you / doing what?

You can find me in Madrid studying Journalism and Economy

Something you MUST have with you when you leave your house?

rayban wayfarer, iPod and cigarretes

What would you change of this world (apart from hunger):

every single politician in the world. world is quite rotten right now because of so much power in so less hands

Source of inspiration?

Asia Argento & Ville Valo

A designer/ why?

John Richmond, because it made me realise that feminity can be related to strong and rocker women

A book / why?

Drácula, because it was the first adult book I read and it left me speechless

A song / why?

"Join Me" by HIM because it made me discover my favourite band and the lyrics are love in the most extreme way. te dejo el link:

A film / why?

Requiem for a dream because it's the best thing Jared Leto will ever do

A phrase:

"Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form" by Nabokov

A wish:

to be happy till the end of my days :)

2 words to finish:

Fashion Trash :D


As HIM sings “This world is a cruel place BUT death bless US with you”

As my own tribute to these fantastic bloggers I will post a picture too in every part!

I really hope you all like it,

I am really sorry it took me so long,

(you all have long blogs and I am willing to see all of them from beginning to end).

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Monkey moi ?? Oui!, et Monkey tu!

It look like any other day in "villa monkey", the birds sing, the sun was out and people came in and out smiling, BUT,

KUHR & CIENPORCIENPORCINO were in town, and as you already know,

New artist – New opening party

They were displaying their work in the shop and we could see colour and volume in many forms all around the shop.

Their style?, you tell me,

how could you classify these modern interpretations of landscapes, people or things?,

would you call it pop art? .. new wave art?

Whatever you call it, is nice to see and enjoy,

so feel free to go to the shop and see all by yourself and of course, you can buy those you like!

I wont show you all the exhibition because it wont be fair for you,

all art pieces look better in real life.

You could see the pieces not only in the walls but also in the shop’s window; look how fantastic that big monster and the mountains look next to the mannequins.

As is usual in this opening parties in Monkey Garden

people from all ages, state and form gather around the live music, the nice street wear and all types of art,


my friends,


If there is something I like, is being in a place where children are allow to come and have fun too, that always fills the place with a great touch.

Look at the face, amazing!

And here the responsible of that crazy colourist wall, gastonstones,

a great artist you should follow!

(Below) Fichi, Sergio and Richi, all responsible of monkey's fashion and style!

and me (not in the picture), at least that's what they see, :)

BTW: thank you all for your comments about my last post, it means a lot to me