Sunday, 11 April 2010

Monkey moi ?? Oui!, et Monkey tu!

It look like any other day in "villa monkey", the birds sing, the sun was out and people came in and out smiling, BUT,

KUHR & CIENPORCIENPORCINO were in town, and as you already know,

New artist – New opening party

They were displaying their work in the shop and we could see colour and volume in many forms all around the shop.

Their style?, you tell me,

how could you classify these modern interpretations of landscapes, people or things?,

would you call it pop art? .. new wave art?

Whatever you call it, is nice to see and enjoy,

so feel free to go to the shop and see all by yourself and of course, you can buy those you like!

I wont show you all the exhibition because it wont be fair for you,

all art pieces look better in real life.

You could see the pieces not only in the walls but also in the shop’s window; look how fantastic that big monster and the mountains look next to the mannequins.

As is usual in this opening parties in Monkey Garden

people from all ages, state and form gather around the live music, the nice street wear and all types of art,


my friends,


If there is something I like, is being in a place where children are allow to come and have fun too, that always fills the place with a great touch.

Look at the face, amazing!

And here the responsible of that crazy colourist wall, gastonstones,

a great artist you should follow!

(Below) Fichi, Sergio and Richi, all responsible of monkey's fashion and style!

and me (not in the picture), at least that's what they see, :)

BTW: thank you all for your comments about my last post, it means a lot to me


Sue said...

Que buena pinta no?

Tengo muchas ganas de que volvamos a quedar todos otra vez!

Sue said...

aqui lo tienes!

Luzhilda said...

eres un artista, que bien te expresas, cuanto vales nene

Los outfits de Lorena said...

que fotos mas chulas!!estoy con lucia, eres un artista =)
tenemos que quedar todos otro dia pero con mas tiempo

1 besazo enorme

dory said...

Cómo te "atreves" a disculparte??:)
Me disculpo yo... que te voy pillando, xo poco a poco!!xD
Aunque te reconozco que me esfuerzo, eh?;P
Y la carita del niño... sí, éso sí es arte y muy amazing!!!^^

Cuatrojos said...

q fricada de tienda!xq es una
y me e enamorado de la 1º foto!la biciiiii!q bonita!!

gorgeousclara said...

tiene buena pinta la tienda...y qué monada los niñossss

a ver si nos puedes pasar las fotos pleaseeee

Laura said...

ya yo tb me fui en el mejor momento!tienes q poner las fotos!

{ I V Y } said...

cool pics, wish i could've been there!

Estrógena said...

Ooooo... pero qué arte tiene este blog!!! muchas gracias por tu tiempo, por tu comentario, por leerme... Además, me ha encantado la palabra, muchas, muchas gracias... Aquí sólo hay una salida y es la seguir este blog desde ya! MUA

Lia in Strawberry Fields said...

that store looks so good! wish I could go there:O

Ligeia said...

Aparte de una tienda super cañera es muy artistica. Me encanta!

A ver si nos pasamos el dia 6!!

un beso!!

Mai said...

Volveré pronto a Madrid solo por visitar la tienda! jaj
Un beso

dory said...

Me encantó tu rayada convertida en poema!!:D
Nunca se sabe en qué momento te va a venir la inspiración, no??^^

Pequeña Lil said...

Que linda la tienda:) Me gusta la foto del niño!:) un besiito gracias por tu comentario;)

Los outfits de Lorena said...

por cierto, me pongo ahora con el custionario que nos mandaste, pero te aviso que mi ingles es pesimo hahaha, asi que seguro que te lo mando cn muuchos fallos ^^
nos vemos el dia 6 =)
1 besazo enorme