Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Well, I had a few days off this Christmas so I went south Spain with my family and had a great time. I also had the opportunity to shot some pictures of the city of Cadiz and the beach.

Now my new project is a big post about interior design, so let me know if you know of any blog or website of interior designing that inspire you and I will take a look to those too, I hope I will have ready the post in a week (is going to be full of beautiful pictures)

-So, yes we went by car. And the "Ruta de la plata", Silver's Road, was the path to follow-

-And we arrived to the "constitutional city" of Cadiz, a city with more of 3000 years old (the oldest city in west Europe)-

-Then, I got ready to take a walk to the beach and do some photos, yes, it was cold...-

-And I got to the beach!-

-And I could not forget about the blog!-

-There were some swallows, and I manage to get close enought to get these 2 shots.-

-And yes, even if it was cold, some people managed to go barefoot.-

-As a proud uncle, I had to put my nephew on the blog too, he looks so good on that outfit it was impossible not to put him here, as you can see, red is the colour of the season. =)-


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