Saturday, 12 December 2009


300 hundred visits per week and more coming

Well, it is very soon to start celebrating, its very soon to open the bottle and drink, but, beginnings are not easy, and when you get such a good one, well…, I think a small celebration is in order.

So, what I have done till today and how the future it may be:

  1. We had looked into small fragments of fashion, we have seen a little bit in dressing, clothing, marketing, runways and pictures of people and things in general.
  2. What is coming (or what I hope is coming):

- Interviews: Well, I look forward to start with the personal interviews, yes; people I want to share their work with all of you. So I hope we get at least one interview a month featuring great people that do great work.

- Trends, In and out the street style: there will be different views of what’s going on in the streets, in the runways, in different brands and in magazines. But remember, trends are not to be follow but, to help you to be one step forward.

- Own work: well, I also would like to show some work I am involve with, pictures, music, marketing, etc so I can get some feed back from you.

- More things!


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and...merry christmas!