Sunday, 22 November 2009

Herr Karl, nice to meet you

Karl Lagerfeld is one of those persons you are not sure whether you want to meet him or not. Let me explain, on one side, you think how possible is to be friend with a guy who looks like is always wearing the same clothes and thinks a pony tail looks nice on a man, and, on the other side, you see his work and, after hours and hours looking at his work, (and with a terrible pain in your jaw, open for so long with looking to such an impressive career) you find out the artist, the hard worker, the essence of Chanel since 1983, and yes, you may want to meet him then.
Lagerfeld’s work, is good, well, really good (and helped by his collaborators) he is able to do things like what he did in the last Chanel’s Spring Summer 2010 show in Paris, (video below), where he decided to show the Chanel’s collection in a barn he created, yes, I repeat, a barn, a beautiful barn (btw), but a barn after all, and it look amazing.
He inspired himself (he said) in Marie-Antoinette's hamlet in the grounds of Versailles. This project took 6 weeks to create, one week to assemble with 38 men working full time (see what I mean with his collaborators) and consisted of, 4000 hand painted wooden tiles, 150 metres of field flower garlands, 2 tonnes of clay and 20 cubic metres of hay, (link here to see how it was done).
I downloaded a video with a fragment of the catwalk, one song of Lily Allen’s gig performed live and the end of the show with “Herr Karl” saying goodbye to all his fans (Prince included).
I also included a few pictures of the last “Dom Perignon Oenotheque" campaign, made by Lagerfeld with Claudia Schiffer.


The catwalk:

A few examples:

Dom Perignon” Oenotheque campaign:


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