Friday, 20 November 2009

The Sartorialist picture of the week (15 Sunday):

-Well, this picture has many elements I like.
1. The hair, I am not usually a big fun of short hair, first, it reminds me to some very old women from north Europe who, were very pretty when they were young (and had long hair back them), and now, they are not that beautiful anymore and they lost the sense of fashion and class on the way too (a pity). Secondly because it usually looks very masculine to me, well, this is maybe because once I heard a terrible feminist woman, who said she didn’t feel comfortable having it long, because, it was a symbol of the oppression related with their condition among men, well, I suppose she had some bad experience when she was young.
Anyway, in this case, I don’t see just a confident woman, I also see a really pretty one, so in my opinion, she knows how to wear it short!
2. The trench, is not just the piece of the season, a must have garment (visit “the art of the trench” of Burberry,) but, is also a really “dress up” coat that she actually dressed it down by adding a casual scarf and rolled up jeans. Just a beautiful job, really.
3. The shoes, I like them, I mean, they are really eye-catching, in a good way. The colour goes with the scarf and jeans and is also a way of adding some “life” to the usually “solemn” look of a trench, so result: uncommon shoes but elegant. Don’t you think?

PS: the flowers are a great touch to make the picture even more special. (lilies, I believe)


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