Sunday, 8 November 2009

Photography, is IT fashion?

When does photography become fashion? Or when does Fashion become photography? Is it a real piece of fashion a picture as those that come out of Galiano's couture (picture below)? Or is the most classic looks Giorgio Armani (picture below) is so proud about, those who really define fashion? Either way, photography is really tight connected to fashion (in one way or another) and I know one guy, who knows this really well, and he is in the right spot and at the right time most of the times, getting, the perfect picture of someone, feeling great, wearing usually, the more common garments out in the street.

This man is, Scott Schuman (in the picture), also known as “the Sartorialist”. He has become famous worldwide thanks to his blog where he shows those pictures he shot around the world (NYC, Milan or London, the most), where he finds normal people who in one way or another are influenced by fashion and express themselves throught what they like wearing.

I created a short video with a small collection of some of his best (in my opinion) looks of the last months, portraits accompanied with a beautiful song I love from Jason Mraz, “I’m yours” that always makes me smile.

From now on I will post what I will consider “the best The Sartorialist look of the week” and make my own judgment about it. And of course, will love to hear everyones opinion about it and even other propositions they found more interesting in that week’s pictures.

Helped now by Mr Schuman, I would like, to introduce everyone to “Loveblog”. This website is what I call an “information giver”. Loveblog is an easy way of following the blogs you like from your inbox. All you have to do is register in, and click on “follow” in any blog you find and every time the owner of that blog, add a post, LoveBlog will automatically send you an email telling you so. This system will let you gain a lot of time by receiving alerts directly into your inbox so you can forget about checking everyday all the blogs you like and just see how everything comes directly to your hands throught this easy tool.

My small tribute to "good" fashion on the street and to the Sartorialist.

John Galiano's couture gathering!
A classic Giorgio Armani Privé suit

Galiano's amazing couture dress to finish this post.

Enjoy it and let me know if you like it.


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