Monday, 24 May 2010

FEATURING: Spanish bloggers PART 2

I know, I know,

Its been ages since FEATURING: Spanish bloggers PART 1


In my defence I must say

is not easy.

To do such an important study of so many important blogs

and resume all that information in just a post

is really complicated

maybe impossible (I tried)

and if you have a job and projects, friends etc,

is almost impossible

So I did my best

(and blogspot is giving me problems)

This time:

.4 bloggers

.5 pictures each

(even more difficult to choose)

and of course,

my small tribute at the end


Lorena is the sweetest blogger you could ever meet...

I repeat

any person who knows Lorena

will agree with me,

but the softness she speaks the stronger her words sounds,

Lorena has a gift,

she is able to wear anything


and you will think it was made for her,

She could wear a trash bag,

add a ribbon

and a hat to that

and you will honestly believe is the new trend in clothing.

Follow her,

and you wont be disappointed

(this one, I believe, is her best picture, she really looks beautiful)





Los Outfits de Lorena


Santiago de Compostela

2 words to describe yourself:

scatterbrained and vain

WHERE can we find you / doing what?

In Madrid studyind audiovisual communication and on my free time, in Zara, H&M or in bars of Huertas.

Something you MUST have with you when you leave your house?

Keys, phone, ipod...

What would you change of this world (apart from hunger):

I would like everyone to live the life they want, (without harming the neighbor, obviously.)

Source of inspiration?

Alexa Chung, Mary Kate Olsen, films, pics and other blogguers.

A designer/ why?

Miuccia Prada, because all her collections are fantastic. I love her designs.

A book / why?

"La sombra del viento" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, because it's the most beatiful and magical story I've ever read. I always cry when I read it.

A song / why?

"My Girl" by The Temptations, because it's a song that I've liked for all my life ever since I saw the film "My girl"

A film / why?

“Jeux D' enfants” because I love the main character's love story and also the way it's told.

A phrase:

"Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway"

A wish:

my family, my friends and be happy forever.

2 words to finish:

Only 2? I want another blogger's reunion

I really like this picture

Thank you Lore,
you are a constant inspiration

5. SUE

In February 17 of 2008

Kosovo declared itself independent from Serbia,

Meanwhile in Spain

Susana was writing her first words in her new shiny blog


Sue, is what experts called

An early adopter (Everett M. Rogers' Diffusion of Innovations, 1962)

And why she is so special?


even if she had a blog for 3 years now:

Her blog, as good wine,

gets better and better with time

She still has those special sparks in her eyes

when she speaks about fashion,

that's something I admire.








2 words to describe yourself:

definitely, one of these words might be funny, I’m always laughing and saying silly things……and sometimes I am a bit bossy and indecisive.

WHERE can we find you / doing what?

You can find me working in an English Academy in Madrid, not only teaching children, but taking pictures during breaktime!

Something you MUST have with you when you leave your house?

My bag, with my mobile and my stuff. And now my camera too.

What would you change of this world (apart from hunger):

hypocrisy and politics.

Source of inspiration?

Street style in general and among others Alexa Chung.

A designer/ why?

I do not have a favourite designer. I have favourite season collections. My favourite Spring/summer 2010 collections are Miu Miu and Eliee Saab.

A book / why?

I love books and I love reading. I do not have a favourite book or writer.

I love mystery books with murders, unresolved mysteries and also Romantic English novels……I’m now reading some Scandinavian Crime Novels and my favourite writers are Hennin Mankell and Camilla Lackberg.

Definitely I’m a book-eater.

A song / why?

If I had to choose a song that will be Starlight by Muse. Muse is the best group ever! I love indie-rock-pop-electronic- everything that comes from outside Spain, especially from England and the States. Listening to music, reading and blogging are among my ways to escape from routine.

A film / why?

It’s difficult for me to choose one film, but one of my favourite is Mystic River. And I’m so in love with Woody Allen’s films, especially Manhattan Murder Mystery. And I cannot forget to say that I love James Dean.
A phrase:

'Life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get’ (Forrest Gump)

‘I can't listen to that much Wagner, ya know ? I start to get the urge to conquer Poland’. (Manhattan Murder Mystery)

A wish:

I hope all my dreams will come true.

2 words to finish:

Thanks Pablo!

both Sue and Clara are really good friends and even better bloggers!
"the crazy teachers" :)

Thanks Sue,
keep ahead, keep evolving,
don't change!


Erea is


the blogger that surprise me the most when I met her

remember what they say about how bad is to generalize with people?

this is a good example

Yes, most people may think

that because she has that glamour halo around her

she will be as one of those famous bloggers we all criticize

(you know the type)

But the moment she talks, and you find out how she really is

you can just shut up

and listen

and the more you listen to her,

the more you want her to talk



Erea Louro


all that she wants? jaja ninguno más...


a coruña, but i live in Madrid

WHERE can we find you / doing what?

in Malasaña, shopping in vintage stores or having cupcakes and milkshakes in" Manuela" and "Happy day"

Something you MUST have with you when you leave your house?

my cell! cant live without it

What would you change of this world (apart from hunger):

Egocentric and pretentious people who get in my way

Source of inspiration?

lots! related with fashion: Alexa, Olivia Palermo, Kate Moss... with cinema: Brian de Palma , Marlene Dietricht, 30's movies...

A designer/ why?

Elie Saab, his "haute couture" dresses are perfection. Wanna get married whit one of them!!

A book / why?

"Palataforma", Michelle Houellebecq. I love erotic books

A song / why?

Stellar, Incubus, i cant get it out of my mind!!

A film / why?

Carlito's way, Brian de Palma, love gangster movies!

A phrase:

whatever you drees always drees to kill

A wish:

get a job at fashion's industry

2 words to finish:

thanks for doing this and let people know us better!! :)

Thanks Erea,
keep smiling, keep talking, because
we want to listen


I remember when a showed Maria’s blog to a friend of mine

His first phrase was literally

“wow, nice legs”

yes, her legs seems to have no end,

but María is not just legs

she is much more,

a very talented girl

In my opinion,

her blog is so well done,

that if you look at her first post

(more than a year ago)

and you look at her last post,

you will really think they are closer in time







2 words to describe yourself:

dreamy and positive

WHERE can we find you / doing what?

in the library studying! hahhaa I know it is not really exciting.

Something you MUST have with you when you leave your house?

my iPhone

What would you change of this world (apart from hunger):

I would like everybody speaks one language and we'll be all connected. I think Internet is the best invention ever.

Source of inspiration?

fashion magazines, blogs, photography sites, travelling and the window shopping!! ;P

A designer/ why?

Currently, Sonia Rykiel. I love the last spring 2010 show where every model was smiling and having fun on the catwalk!! I also like her feminine, fun and flirty women she represent with her collections.

A book / why?

The Neverending Story. This is my book since I was a child. At first, my brother used to read it to me at nights. Later I read it by myself. I always dreamed to be the girl who go to a Magical and Fantasy world.

A song / why?

My Immortal by Evanescence. I know I don't feel like the song express any more. But I still feel so many things when I listen to that song. It makes me vibrate.

A film / why?

Beauty and the Best (haha I am like a little girl). I do love adult films but I like so many films. So if I have to chose one, I would chose my childhood film. It was my favourite film I saw it so many times, I always wanted to be as Bella: intelligent, beautiful and kind girl who loves reading books and learning new things. I love the plot of the story: "because beauty is inside us!" I really think we shouldn't prejudice people before knowing them. You can have so many surprises...

A phrase:

"When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep on walking".
(Michael Patrick King, Sex and the City, The Real Me, 2001)

A wish:

live abroad for long time.

2 words to finish:

Enjoy your life because we have just one :)

I really like this picture

thank you María
we followed you, we follow you, and we keep following you

and of course, my silly photo in honour to this amazing bloggers

t-shirt: OBEY

and remember
I hope you like it


Mai said...

Buen post! Me ha gustado mucho conocerles un poco más.. cada una a su manera me parecen geniales, lo poco que les conozco vamos :)
Por cierto ya he visto en algun que otro blog, te has cortado el pelo eh? jej
Un beso!

Espero ese post que prometes, tengo ganas de verlo!! jaja

Los outfits de Lorena said...

ohh!!que guay ^^ muchas, muchas, muchas gracias. eres todo un sol con nosotras =)
ya he visto que te has acordado de lo del tamaño de las fotos, ahora te queda cambiar lo del perfil, que no lo tienes accesible.

1 besazo enorme y genial la camiseta

Cristina S. said...

Qué preciosidades de chicas y de fotos :)

Un besote!

C. said...

Solo concocía a dos de las chicas, peor son todas impresionantes!

Mikk said...

°°very nice and great post°°

Aalis said...

Conozco los blogs de Lorena y Erea y me encantan. Tengo que explorar los otros.


fashionstoned said...

Great post! I love it!

gorgeousclara said...


una vez más, un genial trabajo. ¡¡¡Si es que nos tratas como reinas!!!jajajaja

¡¡¡ese modeloooo!!!

Saray said...

me encanta los blogs que has puesto!!!
el de Lorena y Erea lo sigo mucho!

AlejandrA said...

gracias por tu comentario!
me encantaron los looks de las chicas! muy lindo!

allthatshewants said...

oye no te llegó mi comentario de antes? no entiendo nada!
venía a añadir una cosa: bendito tu eres entre todas las mujeres!!! jajajaja

Sue said...




Krimly said...

Pablooooo!!! Muchisiiimas gracias!!! la verdad esq te lo has currado! muchas gracias!! me ha dado un poco vergüenza lo q dices... jaja pero me ha gustado mucho!

por cierto, acab de ver los emails, no creo q pueda ir el viernes, viene una amiga mia Rusa a España y hemos hecho plnes!

muchos besos!!! :)

Bubu said...
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Bubu said...

Me encanta el post, es realmente genial, muy bueno!!!!


Bubu said...

Te invito a que pases por mi espacio, espero que te guste y nos sigamos escribiendo, MUCHOS BESOSSSS

vanessa said...

Fantástica Lorena,me encanta

Mad for Fashion said...

Me encantan Erea y lorena!!

Un beso

Festy said...

Thanks for your comment! I like your blog! I'm following it.
Have a nice day4


Luzhilda said...

a mi m encantan todas.

Sonia Martínez said...

Qué interesante! Muy chulo el post y buenos textos!! Conozco casi todos los blogs y me gustan mucho!
1 saludo,

MisS DakoTTA said...

EEyy...!! Ké genial el post...T he conocido a través de Lorena. No tngo la suerte d conocerla en persona, pro tanto a través dl blog cmo d trendtation tiene q ser una tia genial. T voy a seguir, ya q la recomendación x parte d Lore ha sido estupenda jaja...Un besazo enorme y ya estamos en contacto ;)

Missy said...

que buen post!!!! y que buena elección de bloggers!!!! he visto el enlace en la pagina de Erea y la verdad que buena sorpresa! me a gustado mucho!!!! besinesssssssssss

B a la Moda said...

Un post excepcional! Me ha encantado la forma de conocer un poco más a estas bloggers a las que sigo. Por lo poco que las conozco, les has pillado muy bien su punto.

B* a la Moda

Alba said...

Tu blog y tus fotos son acojonantes
un besazo
To see u again

The LadyMissJo said...

Me ha encantado conocer a estas blogguers, gracias!

dos en la pasarela said...

una buena selección, además a algunas no las conocía.

paulav said...

me encantan todos los blogs que has nombrado, son alucinantes!

Black Widow said...


eLi said...

muy bueno el post, las sigo a todas y siempre está bien conocerlas un poquito más!!!

EmerJa said...

Me ha gustado mucho este post!!:)

siguemiestilo said...

Genial post! me ha encantado xD

dory said...

Madre mía, no se ni por dónde empezar!
1º, qué bueno poder volver a entrar en tu blog, que ya te echaba demenos
2º, lo de Lorena... desde el primer comentario que me escribió, me dejó claro el cariño que transmite. las-chicas-que-se-lo-ponen-todo, son geniales :)
3º, la foto de "crazy-teachers" es de enmarcar!xD Ambas me han calado sin quererlo.
4º, Erea tiene fuerza. Estoy contigo en que aparenta estar más lejos de lo que se deja caer. Y qué bella es...
5º, María ahora es mi blogger pendiente...
6º, mil gracias por tus comentarios, tú si eres un super-blogger, P-G-de_R.

Ligeia said...


Grandioso post Pablo, eres un blogger de los de verdad :)

A ver si a la proxima quedada no falto!!

un besote!

{ I V Y } said...

this is a GREAT post !

kbezona said...

WOW!!!! lo del regalazo de las pelis de HP semana tras semana me ha dejado flipping!!!!!!!!! :DDD

Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

Qué post más completo! geniales estas chicas!!!

Vinda Sonata said...

all of them are beautiful and talented! i love all of those outfits and interviews. very inspiring!!!!

dory said...

ya caí!!

Saray said...

muchas gracias por tu comentario!
un besooo

Maria Tavares said...

Loved the first outfit ;D The interviews are also pretty awesome!

jhon said...

Nice pictures and an amazing post. I like it. Keep it up.

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