Monday, 21 June 2010

-vaya-vaya-there is no beach in here-

There is no beach in Madrid

(I noticed ¬¬)

but I am not from here, so.. whatever,

I am busy with many projects I want to shared with you the moment they become real,

some of them I do shared them with you through here or through the "monkey garden" blog, others,

I have them in developing process or they are just in my head in order to come out when the time is right or when the right person takes me from the hand and tells me

"Pablo, let's do it",

and I don´t mean sex, ¬¬

This are different inspiring pictures from internet,

Some day I am sure I will be the one making pictures like this

And even beter, :P

Natasha Poly by Mario Sorrenti in Plage Privée
the first two are in my opinion

I hate she is wearing trainers on this one..
how much I hate this kind of product placement

Mario Testino on his book: MARIO DE JANEIRO TESTINO



This kind of body is ugly and almost unnatural..

Dink Frank miami photographer

Miami   Fashion Photographers

Heather Marks starred in Enrique Badulescu's editorial this month (from wildfox)






in 2009!


Photobucket Photobucket







As always,
a million times thank you for the comments
each one is a kiss in my cheek
another push in my back
and another mouthful of fresh air


Cristina Lopez Pancorbo said...

Me encanta la editorial de VELVET...un photoshoot playero bastente edgy y poco convencional...LIKE IT! :)

Ligeia said...

que viva la Polly pero que mueran sus playeras bleeeh

me encantan las ultimas en la playa!

un besoteee!

dory said...

Qué carina tiene Heather...
Qué majica veo yo a Natasha con las bambas (siempre me gustó ese modelo)... tan Allen en unas, tan "guau" en la 2 la 4.

LA said...


This is a fantastic inspiration, LOVE ALL AND EACH SHOT!


kbezona said...

Lets do it and I don´t mean sex!!!
jajajajajaaj xD

¿Cuála es ésa web de fotografía a la que linkea tu firma? O ha sido un lapsus?

Estrógena said...

Me encantan las fotos en el agua, de todas estas quizás las que más me han gustado. MUA!!

Tzoulia Kadoglou said...

you did a good job with your blog :)
i will visit u as soon as i can again.

I would like to prefer you my blog :

I try to show my readers and visitors all the new styles and inspirations,not in words.Only in pictures. So have a look.

You are welcome to be my new follower
Tzoules K

Sue said...

Que fotazas!

me han encantado las de la chica dentro del agua, impresionantes!

gorgeousclara said...

estoy con susi, las de dentro del agua son impresionantessss

Los outfits de Lorena said...

estoy con clara y susi =)

Janice said...

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