Sunday, 19 December 2010


I really need no words in this new "Inspiration in furniture"


Christina said...

Wow this post is really pure inspire! *-* I love the white cupboard. <3 Thanks for your comment on my blog and thanks so much for following my blog. Of course I am your new follower 2!
Thanks! :)

CK from

Nuska said...

Me encantan las fotografías!

Guilli said...

Waaa its so cool !!!

LUCIA G. said...

thank you! (:

Margaret said...

wow ! really inspiring ! :)

LUCIA G. said...

thanks for the tip (: never heard before of that site. its really cool :))

Jeans Please! said...

There're Ur projects?

Sue said...

Wow la penúltima foto que sale el chico leyendo me ha encantado!!

no sabría describirlo: sofá-chaise longue-a ras de suelo o algo así no??
es genial, de donde es????????

Barttart said...

Those are crazy good! The design and recreation is so amazing!

Danièle said...

Hank you for subscribing to my blog. I now featured yours on mind too. Your pictures are unreal! These are so creative! I love the jumper turned into a Christmas wreath! What an inspirational blog!

GlimmerGlam said...

What great pictures, love the one with the bathrooms..

NuD'acol said...

hey...i have seen your others before and after posts, and i have to confess this is the one i like the least.
1. Some of the After pics are not taken in the same position as the before pic.
2. Some changes are are so extreme, its not even recognizable... That is a good thing I gues... :)... just an observation though...
3. I dont have a third point :)


Karima Illustration said...

Woah! that is AWESOME!!!


Karima :)

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