Monday, 11 October 2010

off to Greece

I know I haven’t been around in a while, but my work is a 24/7 job and all isn’t part of my job is almost impossible to do because of my working schedule.

I am finally taking a week break, one week to Greece, can´t wait to get there. But I couldn’t go without doing a small “apologizing post” and show you a bit of what I’ve been doing.

A month ago (I think), it was Lorena’s birthday

and I decided to give her as birthday present a small outdoor photo shooting,

and for the special occasion I made a giant birthday cake using pages of a few Vogues I had around my house.

This is the result

DSC_0100.jpg picture by paulotroco


DSC_0128.jpg picture by paulotroco

DSC_0192.jpg picture by paulotroco





The other day I organize another big night for Monkey Garden,

the occasion was the art opening exhibition of the Bertone’s brothers paintings, two Argentineans brother whose paintings are breathtaking.

We had live music by Spanish Dj Mushikko and live singing by the North American singer Aqeel.

WE reunited more than 300 hundred people in a small street downtown Madrid,

the atmosphere was unique

DSC_6656-1.jpg picture by paulotroco


DSC_6700.jpg picture by paulotroco

DSC_6695-1.jpg picture by paulotroco


DSC_6651-1.jpg picture by paulotroco




-pictures by me-

thank you for keeping the dream alive


allthatshewants said...

me encantan las fotos de lore! qué mona sale!
disfruta mucho en grecia
y cuando vengas tengo q ir a verte que te debo dinerito jajaja

Gorgeous Clara said...

¡pero qué chulas las fotos! ¡pásalo genialllll!

Los outfits de Lorena said...

señorito!!pásatelo genial en Grecia y descansa que bien merecido te lo tienes ^^
y nunca me cansaré de repetirte que muchas gracias por las fotos!! =)

syl said...

Oye vaya fotos tan bonitas!
Estuve en Madrid, aunque demasiadas cosas que hacer en tan pocos días...


dory said...

Dichosos los ojos que te leen, G.
Como, desde, "siempre" un placer encontrarse con un comentario de los tuyos.
Espero que lo hayas pasado genial en esas merecidas vacaciones.
Otro besazo para tí,
pasa un finde bonito,

vivalablonda said...

500 Fotos es un gran numerooo! Se nota q la has pasado rebien, me han gustado muchisismas de esta foto, en general me gusta mucho la fotografia! Espero ver mas por aqui. An love the fact that you are an ex-dj! ;)