Wednesday, 27 October 2010


And I am back from my "very" short trip to Greece
500 pictures all with a different story behind
Let me guide you through my Hellenic journey

Let´s go to the right corner of Europe

All started in those stairs,

In this metro station
btw: you are not allow to take pictures inside the metro (don´t ask me why I know this, :S)

I tried to get I few shots of every day life in Athens,
this is the result:

Playing backgammon in every corner, they say this game is if not the oldest boardgames invented one of the oldest

A priest

Old folks playing chess

An Evzones, or Evzoni, the Greek soldier dress up in the old uniform, they say just stronger and better looking soldiers can become Evzones

A graduation in the Athenian University

An old woman reading a novel at the Acropolis museum, yeap she doesn't care about ancient history because she is ancient history

A craftsman working on a new chair

The most common shop in all Athens, the kiosk, you could buy anything there, some where open 24/7 and had camera surveillance

Yes, in Athen was easy to have a small "detail" with your girlfriend/boyfriend because these guys with flowers were everywhere

Having lunch in a restaurant with the longest menu I've ever seen

And of course me

The other thing I found quite impressive was the great amount of street art you could find all around Athens, they say "the biggest is one city's financial crisis the biggest is it art scene" in this case, it may be true.

As you know, Greece is famous for the ruins, but for those who visit Athens, is also famous for the old stuff you can find everywhere still useful:

Old bikes:

Old cars:

All kind of old stuff

Old hidden restaurants

Old food:

Old trees: :)

Old spices:

Old park with and old passage:

Old crafts already forgotten in many countries

Old painter studio

old rails

old buildings?

And last one to say bye

-all pictures by me-
(except the one they took to me, obviously, :) )


Luzhilda said...

magnífico baby, cada día se te dan mejor la foto, el facehunter a tu lado un aficionado, este si que es un buen retrato de grecia, no hace falta que salgan griegas con gafas de pasta enorme y zapatos de plataforma xD

dory said...

La foto de ese rincón lleno de cuadros y libros es de enamorarse :)
Gracias, G, me ha encantado el paseíto por Grecia, ameno y curioso.

Giselle said...

Muchas gracias por pasarte! Madre mía que fotos, me encantan todas enserio, que pasada jaja, un beso!

Juliette said...

I love all your pictures, you're so lucky to went to greece ! (but, where do you come from? ).
Thanks you for your comments.
XOX. <3

Juliette said...

Ok ! At the end of the year, I have to pass my spanish exams, I'm so afraid, because, I suck in spanish n__n'

Anonymous said...

nice picture! whouuu! :)

Hanging in my Closet said...

Esta en mi WishList de viajes.

Krystal said...

I am totally in love with ALL of these pictures, the place looks so interesting! I love the real life ones....and the artwork. Great post!!

allthatshewants said...

cómo te envidio, siempre he querido ir...
muy buenas las fotos!!

La pépite modeuse said...

great blog !!

Gorgeous Clara said...

ohhhhh ¡muy buenas las fotos! me encanta el royo de las pintadas, me ha recordado a Berlin, y eso siempre es bueno...

haircutting in high heels said...

Muchas Gracias por su comentario por su puesto tenia que dar la huelta haber su blog tan interesante me da ganas a viajar!
con mucho gusto,

Estrógena said...

Llevaba tiempo sin pasarme porque llevo un mes y medio de lo más ajetreado y tengo abandonado un poco el blog pero qué gratas sorpresas nos esperaban por aquí... preciosas fotos!