Wednesday, 3 November 2010



I have this obsession about

how important is for clothing to be “multi-use” or “versatile

We all know times are not good for expending money with no worries about the future


I wanted to show how changing one single part of an outfit you can be dress to party or dress to “par-tea”

I believe for some people this may be easy,

(those can’t stop reading right now)

But for other people this isn’t that obvious


Here we go

“this outfit works the same for men or women”


If we have as main structure of our outfit

A pair of jeans (Dr denim)

And a cardigan (Uniqlo)

All we do is:

If we go to a “relax code dress” party

We use a t-shirt to complete our outfit

This cardigan in particular is a classic, that’s why its good to use a t-shirt with a funny print or a crazy phrase

DSC_0504.jpg picture by paulotroco

In this case I used a t-shirt of American brand "pervert" created in 1988 and already out of business, so is a unique t-shirt


So now

If what we have is a dinner in a good restaurant

If we just change the t-shirt for a classic stripes shirt (Armani)

We haven’t do much but we changed the whole style of our outfit


Please notice the change of bottle, :)

To finish the outfit

The coat!

DSC_0508.jpg picture by paulotroco


As I was talking about the versatile clothing

I choose a coat from “Insight” that can be change from a classic straight cut to a “fish tail” cut in two seconds

So when you have to go a little bit more elegant you go with the classic straight cut



when you go casual

the fish tail will give the ultimate look


Well, I hope you like the look


allthatshewants said...

jajaja qué bueno, con las botellas!!
enamorada me quedo de tu abriguito perfecto!!

dory said...

jajajja, vaya que para tí un abrigo versátil es lo que viene siendo una trenca^^
Si es que... de marinos y burdeos!!;)
PD: detallazo el change de botellas xD

Laura Tenshi said...

I did notice the change of bottles for these looks. I like the idea to show 2 different ways to wear the same clothes. Versatility is something I look for now when buying clothes.

Erm gurl_ never dead said...

hey thanx for u comment =]
its my first lookbook but i doont think i did great and thanx u for u comment
ps i like ur wearing :]
im eleanor xoxo

Luzhilda said...

Vamos a churrarnos esas botellas pero ya

Sue said...

Opino como Lucía.

Para cuando el beberse las botellas!

Mikk said...

*** thx for the comment... cool outfit and nice drinks :-) -saludos!

Giuli Kakoulli said...

wow! an outifit for whisky and an outfit for wine!!:)

great blog! love your perspective on things!

Giuli xx

Anonymous said...

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