Monday, 15 November 2010


They say in order to design clothes

you must have a scratch book with fabrics, news, inspirational pieces of magazines, books, etc, I have mine,

but I don’t use it as much as I should,

maybe because I don’t think designing clothing is what I do best,

I don’t even think I do it well,

so why bother..

but every time in a while,

a few pieces come out,

a few I am not too ashamed to show,

these could be a few of those


I like repetitions,

Simple patterns that have a repeating motion, lines that crossed for exaple

escanear0001.jpg picture by paulotroco

Having as inspiration Chinese culture I design a hairgrip with Chinese influation


I am a huge fun of golden details in clothing,

This dress was meant to be the big success in a formal ball


And finally

A combination of different dresses to different occasions

And a coat, with some sailor inspiration


I hope you like it, :)


Sue said...

No conocía esta faceta tuya de dibujante.

kbezona said...

Siiiiiiiiiiiiii dibujos dibujooossss!!!!! :DDDDDD haces MU bien por postearlos :D

y gracias!!!! tales comentarios SI que dan ganas de dibujar más ^^

maduixetes surprise said...

me gusta tu blog!

Lori said...

cool sketches! i wish i was better at drawing

...look closer

Anonymous said...

Answer: oh thanks a lot! hope you will follow my blog. take care/matilda

allthatshewants said...

anda no sabía yo esto!
los últimos me los quedaría todos

CINDY said...

thanks for visiting my blog! :)

you know, they say practice makes perfect! i love art, especially drawing... but i haven't done so in a long while so i feel as if i had lost touch. though if you have the passion for such things, then you shouldn't be ashame to show others your passion!

btw, i love your photography! keep up the great work.



jhon said...

Its really a wonderful post. Keep it up.

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Los outfits de Lorena said...

tu acabarás siendo alguien importante, que te lo digo yo

fashionstoned said...

that looks awesome! keep up the good work

Vere said...

nice! bigg kiss