Friday, 26 November 2010


I am a man,

and I can’t deny that

and that’s why I wanted to show you this

Moo photographer work for Argyle magazine

With Brendan Ruck as featured model


This is how a double breasted suit should look


All man should have a wool coat like this one,

is the perfect garment for any formal event

I think when wearing a very dark suit you should break

the stiffness of a usually formal garment

with some light colours in the accessories

a burgundy scarf could light up a little bit the outfit

so in this case I think they didn’t do it that well (in my opinion)

I like better this scarf (even if it’s grey as the suit)

Nope, suits shouldn’t be wear with your collar up

Remember there is 3 kinds of jackets lapel:

1. The notched lapel (my favourite) is the one with the cut in it.

like this one here

2. The peaked lapel, the one with the lapel coming out the side

like this one here

The third and last one is the shawl lapel, this one has nothing in it, is straight from beginning to end,

is commonly use in tuxedos so you don’t usually see it in suits

I hope you like the small trip to jacket lapels


dory said...

Si me viene un hombre tal como en la primera foto, que sepa combinarse los cuatro estampados de la penúltima, ME CASO!!!
(curioso lo de tus recuerdos con las medias verdes^^)

N. said...

muchas gracias :)
hubo cambios pero bueno jajajaa
por cierto el traje ya los hace guapos, pero a estes no les hace falta ehh jajaja
un besoo :)

Gorgeous Clara said...

geeeenial el post, ¡pero qué hombre tan bien vestido, leñe!

Mikk said...

***i love theese looks..perfect***
your header is great! ;-) saludos

Sara said...

Wow i like your blog! :-)

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