Sunday, 24 January 2010


I think it was time for the first post on packaging design, something i really enjoy and I believe is fundamental to have in consideration when selling a product, more important that what people think and companies know this and pay more attention to it every day.

Sylvain Allard is a teacher in design for the École de design

A teacher I discovered not long time ago but who I like more and more every day, sometimes is not what you do directly but what other people do with your help. I think this, is one of those examples.

I show you here on the exercises he assigned to his first year students, as he says “To begin our session and create a complete immersion in the world of packaging, I invited the students to o this exercise during the first course this year.
The two-dimensional sheet of paper takes shape and becomes a volume. Therefore, shadows and light act on the white surface and create an imag.

From a single sheet of paper, they should design a label for a bottle of wine. Through manipulation, bending, cut-outs, and mechanisms or in repeated patterns and structures, they should create an image consisting solely of paper. All work should explore the potential of the paper and printing was not allowed.
Since it was meant to be an exploration to push the limits of paper. Transportation constraints, marketing and handling were not an endpoint.
In contrast, research, innovation, virtuosity, originality and skill were the criteria for evaluation”

Yes, after looking at the pictures all you want to do is drink to packaging design, Salut!
Which one do you prefer?


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PD: me encanta el blog.


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I love the one with the tree, so stylish!