Saturday, 23 January 2010


YES! It took me some time , BUT, here it is, my own customized calendar, yes, one of the bloggers I follow “miss at la playa”, she gave me the idea of doing a calendar everyone could download with some of the photos I shot or someone else did that I like, so, here it is.
1.Download the calendar
2.Print the calendar (in A3 with 2 slides per page)
3.Make a hole on the top and pass a cord through it.
4.Hang the calendar
5.Enjoy it!
Easy, no?, well, if you got any trouble downloading the calendar, just comment on the post and I will contact you and send you the calendar by email.

Let me know if you like it.



Anonymous said...

GREAT PICTURES, love it! great blog


Anonymous said...

Me encanta... que fotos!!


Anonymous said...

you are like wine, you are getting better and better with time!! loved it!


Ligeia said...

fantastic! love it from january till december :)


. said...

Mary: thank you! I really like all of them.
Lola: muchas gracias.
Mel: wow, thank you,.. dunno if I deserve it.
Ligeia: thank you!! BTW: I like your blog a lot