Sunday, 17 January 2010


*/trend/ n [C]

A general development or change in a situation or in the way that people are behaving.

A new development in clothing, make-up, etc.

*(from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

So, do we follow trends? And what’s more important, should we follow trends?

I said once (or twice), trends are not supposed to be followed but to be use as a way of finding your own trend. What does this mean? Well..

In the future, when you look to those old pictures of you, and you say to yourself, “what horrible jacket I was wearing when I was19”, doesn’t feel better to know you did so, because it felt right at that moment to wear it?, than knowing you were wearing in it, because everyone else was doing it too?, that’s what I mean. Because, if we are of those who just can say the second phrase, then, we can take for granted that when something is trendy, must be nice, no?, and that, I think WE all know, is not true. So, wherever I show here, will be things you are going to see in shops and in a lot of people too, but, it will be also be some guidelines for you to find your own customize place in these trends.

I will try also, to show street looks to show you how trends can be (and should be) transformed to create our own style.

Floral prints!

All from Topshop

Both from Lipsy

Even Black flowers may work, for Burberry

With black ribbon for ZARA

For Diane Von Furstenberg with colourful jacket.

By the way: new DVF outlet for those who live in Madrid (Spain) in “Las Rozas Village

In the street, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilthe sartorialist

Remember to match these colourful dresses with black and brown belts, jackets, knitwear, hats, etc; you can see they match together beautifully.

Time to try and play!


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