Sunday, 31 January 2010

no title-just let go

It’s been a long week, hard as much as it can get, and I didn’t have a minute left to write a nice post about anything in particular.
But things that happened, during the week, or maybe, things that didn’t happen, made me thing about how sometimes people seem so far away from good.
why? Why people is so self-interested, how people don’t understand that when you help someone that needs you, you are helping yourself too?, in the most honest possible way, and it helps you to grow as a good person (if you know what I mean).
Being better, feeling better, doing better.
why is it so difficult to find people who does things just to help, with no hidden purpose?.
Now is one of those moments when it feels right to listen to Ray Charles singing “How long how is this being going on?”, its sounds so old it just feels trustful, and because of that, so easy and comfort to listen.
I found just this version, but sounds good too, I hope you enjoy it while you have a look to these pictures a chose randomly



Luzhilda said...

I'm richer by far with a satisfied mind

. said...

so true. thanks Luzhilda..